Monday, May 23, 2011

And so it begins...

Blog -- everyone blogs. And I mean everyone. So why me? I don't think I have anything clever or cute to offer. No, for me it's just going back in time. Being able to read how I was feeling two years ago -- or even last month. And hopefully seeing a progression of becoming. Better and better.

So why "The Derby Girl Diet"? My new fascination with derby explains the first part. But what does "Diet" really mean to you? For me it's all encompassing. Not intended to be a negative word. One definition from Merriam-Webster is "habitual nourishment" and that's my favorite. I'm not even talking just physical nourishment --I'm talking all kinds of nourishment. And especially the kind of nourishment I've gotten from all my fellow derby girls. Who knew?

I've had this blog set up for some time now and it has remained empty, but just today I read a blog from a fellow derby girl Healthy Heathen. It struck a chord. Now or never? How about now.

And so while I begin this journey just a couple of things you should now. I like to use "quotes" --as in the quotation marks. Get over it. I also like to use dot dot dot... a lot. Deal with it.